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BBQ Brigade


Flaming the Fire ​of Am Yisrael

Since Oct. 7th,

our soldiers are putting their lives on the line,

and their personal lives on hold.

Now more than ever-

is the time to show our Chayalim

that we have their backs as much as they have ours.

Help our team of volunteers raise morale, enhance ​unity, and inspire energy through amazing food.

Replenishing The

MOrale, unity, Energy


Volunteers actively engage with ​IDF soldiers, demonstrating our ​appreciation for their service with ​a kind word, a warm handshake ​and ​occasionally, a great hug.

BBQ Sirloin Steaks


From gourmet burgers and dogs ​to home-cured pastrami and ​smoked brisket, homemade ​desserts and salads, everyone ​leaves with a plate full of love.

Hassidic Rabbi Praying


With spirited music and dancing, ​inspiring (short) guest speeches,​ and letters from kids worldwide,​ we do our best to lift the morale​ of every participant.



We are an all volunteer group of parents neighbors and friends of IDF soldiers from Yishuv Neriya and the surrounding areas While not everyone can serve on the front lines it is important that all of us do our part to support those who are At the start of the war a small group of us from Neriya got together to serve some food to their friends servings in the IDF As we sat the next week to think of making our second BBQ we got the news of Binaymin Airly a son and nephew of ours To ensure optimal unity and inclusivity all food served at our events is strictly glatt chalak kosher Vegetarian options are also available upon request We are a 501c3 non profit All funds raised go exclusively to support these BBQs Please join us in this incredible campaign Am Yisrael Chai


Written by his mother, Jen

Born on September 26, 2002 (כ תשרי תשס"ד) in NYC, he spent his first few years living in Brooklyn and Cedarhust, NY. The Airley family made Aliyah in the summer of 2006 to Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel. He is the second oldest of six children.

Growing up, Binyamin was always sporty and social. He was a youth group leader in Bnei Akiva in Bet Shemesh, and spent some summers at sleep-away camps. He enjoyed hiking, camping, and family excursions. He was skilled at breakdancing, drumming, and running long distances. Binyamin enjoyed reading books on Israel's history, modern and biblical, as well as psychology and Jewish law. He had a deep love affair with Israel's natural beauty, especially the natural springs.

Binyamin was a magnet. While he always shied away from being the center of attention - except on the dance floor - somehow, all were drawn to him. His honesty, positivity, listening skills, empathy, and fun energy are some of the reasons he has hundreds of friends around the country. He had dirty blond hair, was tall and strong, and had a radiating smile that would light up the room.

Binyamin had been through many school institutions from elementary through high school. All of which were building blocks in his education and life experiences. He graduated high school from Tzvia Yeshiva High School in Eilat and began his army career in Tzfat's Hesder program. After much physical training, he was accepted into the elite 101 Paratrooper unit in the army.

Binyamin was passionate about the land of Israel, its Biblical significance, and holiness. His life mission was to protect the Land and keep it safe and thriving so all Jews could live anywhere in Israel peacefully.

Binyamin lived and died with that mission. At the age of 21, Binyamin Meir was killed in battle in northern Gaza on November 18th when he pushed his way forward to neutralize terrorists shooting at other soldiers.

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